Best News : M7 Deutschland secures 8 new IPTV customers

Eight new B2B customers have joined M7 Deutschland’s IPTV service in Germany and Austria.

The new M7 partners in Germany include Kabel-TV Lampert in Austria as well as the city carriers, fiber-network providers, and regional telcos komro, Stadtwerke Merseburg, Regionet Schweinfurt, R-KOM, Stadtwerke Konstanz, Stadtwerk Tauberfranken, and VS Media.

M7 provides TV services for cable and IPTV homes across 160 network operators in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

M7 Deutschland secures 8 new IPTV customers

The M7 partners are able to provide their customers with about 130 free-TV and pay-TV channels, thematic channels, and international services—the majority in HD picture quality—as well as interactive add-on features like the ability to rewind currently playing shows, record TV via network PVR, and access multiple screens via a smartphone or tablet app.

According to Marco Hellberg, Managing Director of Eviso Germany, the M7 business partner in Germany, « More and more network operators are realizing the strong additional value of a modern, flexible TV offering, enabling them to demonstrate the performance of their networks to their customers, tap into new revenue sources, and gain a competitive edge. » « We are pleased that eight more network operators from Germany and Austria have chosen our specialized solutions for providing enhanced TV to their clients, » the company stated.

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