How I get Free TikTok Followers in 2022 (iOS & Android)

Free TikTok Followers ✅ How I get Free TikTok Followers in 2022 (iOS & Android)
Free TikTok Followers ✅ How I get Free TikTok Followers in 2022 (iOS & Android)

Best Cool Apps to Gain More Followers on TikTok

Getting popular is not always easy. You can create interesting content, develop new ideas and engage in promotion, but all efforts will be fruitless.

In this case, you may just lose interest in the matter. In such a situation, a variety of platforms and applications can help beginner bloggers and creators get the original audience.

Blogs that already have a certain audience are much more credible among people. A person understands that someone is interested in this content and subscribes to it as well.

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First, you really need somewhere to get a certain number of subscribers – besides your friends and family. We have found 11 cool apps for you, which will really help you to get the initial audience and “spin” a lot of subscribers with minimal effort.


Today it seems to be the most popular app for gaining TikTok followers and it’s the most downloaded one. TikFamous doesn’t cooperate with TikTok, Musically, or other apps, so keep that in mind before using it.

After you install the app, you need to enter your account in TikFamous. Then you receive a certain amount of coins and can use them to promote your account on TikTok. The more coins you invest the bigger the effect will be. It’s also no secret that in the app, you can only acquire those coins for real money.

Here we need to speak about the effectiveness of the app and its functionality because it’s rather controversial. Some users say the developers don’t provide the bargain for the number of coins required, some say there are technical issues in the app such as invalid links, and so on.

Overall, this app has its hidden mechanisms that seem to be working, among all other apps. When you start working with this app, you notice that there are likes and comments that appear under your videos. They can often be of-topics, but there is nothing better at the moment on the market.


Do you want to be famous for free? TikFame is the app that helps you get fans, new audiences, and likes for free. Lots of likes! As you know, in TikTok you get videos that get a lot of views from other users. If you have free subscribers, you will also have free views.

TikFame makes your video malicious and popular, thus increasing your views. Once you have a certain number of subscribers, you will get a real audience, which will increase by itself.

All you have to do is release new videos so that your subscribers do not decrease but only grow. Every day TikFame can bring you more than 1000 subscribers – that’s a huge amount for a beginner TikTok blogger.

The developers used the best strategies to achieve better results. Popular hashtags, virulent TikTok, the best videos will lead you to popularity with TikFame.

TikTracker: Likes, Fans, Stats

Every blogger just needs to keep up with his or her popularity. For example, each video you have released finds its own response from the audience.

Because of some content, people can unsubscribe from you, and some videos encourage new people to subscribe to you and make people even more popular. The TikTracker is an application that lets you get all the valuable information about your followers and fans.

The app allows you to track blockers, likes and their absence, stalkers and even the growth of new fans. TikTracker calculates how many likes each of your videos gets on average, as well as how popular new videos are.

A-Pro version of TikTracker is also available for purchase, giving you access to visual charts. You will learn more about the full statistics of your TikTok account, which gives you the opportunity to draw certain conclusions and take action to further promote your creativity.


Aren’t you tired of all those similar names yet? Then we are continuing our list with another app that will lead some amount of followers to your account. The main currency of TikFans is stars – and the more stars you own, the more followers you can attract.

Each star costs something, but it’s not an overwhelmingly expensive thing. In case you’re wondering how it works:

  • You exchange the star for the new followers.
  • The app will lead another TikTok user who is also using TikFans to your account.
  • You subscribe to each other.
  • You get new followers!

And even though this is quite a cheesy mechanism for gaining followers on TikTok, there is nothing better yet, however, even this kind of activity can lead you to a boost from TikTok itself.

Another crucial point is that the app is filled with the real accounts of the real people, not with bots, as is often the case with TikTok follower apps.

TikPlus Pro

Another similar app and can be an alternative to the leader of our list. The algorithm is quite the same here – you need to log in to the app and then you become a part of the community that also wants followers and likes on TikTok.

To gain more followers, you need to trade them for coins. You can get coins by watching the ads in the app or buying them for your real money.

Or, you can subscribe to a suggested user and like one of their videos and you will receive a coin then. You will get a quick instructions when you first enter the app so everything is more than clear here.

In general, this is a whole ecosystem, where you are gaining new followers by becoming a follower of someone else. You can, of course, spend money on coins, but in this case, TikPlus Pro isn’t a free app anymore. In total, you can reach thousands of TikTok profiles a day with this app.


In order not to stick with one type of app for the TikTok followers, let’s observe this app that wasn’t directly developed to help you to get more followers, but it can help you to get them organically.

As you have already guessed, Tiktags generates hashtags for TikTok to add under your video. No one knows about the algorithms of TikTok but with hashtags, your videos have a much greater chance to become popular.

It’s difficult to come up with dozens of relatable hashtags each time you post a video, and that’s why Tiktags will generate them for you. The app is super easy to use. You just type in the theme of your post into the search bar and Tiktags will find dozens of related hashtags.

TikBoost – Followers, Likes

TikBoost is a way to become recognizable on TikTok for free. Think of it as your cheat code for a large number of subscribers and sharp popularity online!

There are such options as getting additional comments on your creativity, and increasing the number of likes and views. People will understand your ideas when the video hits their feed. You can do this with a lot of views and activities.

Your videos can really have more likes than you think. Unforgettable and impressive moments can be put on TikTok by sharing your joy with other people. With filters and special popular hashtags, you can take your movies to the next level.

TikBoost tells you which hashtag to put (analysis is based on popularity), which music to put on the background and even funny stickers. No need to spend a penny from your budget!

Gain: for tiktok followers

Here we have an interesting app that is different from the apps listed above because it is aimed to gain TikTokfollowers with other methods than coins and stars.

Gain is more like your SMM coach that will help you to build a healthy, fast-growing account on TikTok so the followers will come organically.

The gain will complete the detailed plan of promotion, especially for you and each step will be thoroughly explained. The moto of the app is that social media requires lots of dedication and we couldn’t agree more.

You only need to follow your daily activity plan to reach your specific goals. What is more, in the app you will find various tips and pieces of advice from SMM experts. And unlike other apps for iOS of this type, Gain has completely positive user feedback.


If you thought we accidentally talked about the same app a second time, no. TikBooster really has a similar name and functionality, while also helping you to become popular.

It’s another application that increases the number of your subscribers in game form. At the same time, you don’t invest any real money, nor do you buy in-game currency or anything like that.

The process of promotion occurs in the form of a game. You just turn the card over and find out the number of your potential subscribers. The number depends only on your luck – you need a smile of fortune.

However, these are only potential people: after you flip the map, the team will analyze your account and tell you which hashtags are better to use to get to the recommendations. You will do everything on your own and not bribe people – following the algorithms, you will find your own audience.

Tikery – Followers Likes Views

Tikery seems like a popular app for Android users to attract more followers to their profiles. One remarkable feature here is you won’t need to use your TikTok login and password.

The principle of work of Tikery is quite the same as we’ve seen before – you join the community of other TikTokers that want to gain followers and start following them. The app will lead new subscribers to your account in return.

What is more, Tikery allows you to analyze your account progress and statistics of likes and followers. Here you also use coins that you can earn by clicking or just acquiring them for money.

To sum it up, Tikeryis probably the most honest app among those that offer you to gain followers because it says clearly which actions you need to take to reach your goals. And this app doesn’t contain ads.

If you are interested in TikTok and you really want to become popular, these applications will help you in the beginning. Your videos will be released as recommendations for other users and new people will be able to meet you.

You have to admit, it’s hard enough to appear in recommendations when you don’t have any initial base. With the help of special applications that we have tried to tell you more about, you will get new subscribers and viewings.

We hope that we have helped you and that we will soon be able to see you in the top of the best bloggers. Good luck!

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