Install the TOP IPTV Apps for 2024

Looking for comprehensive guidance on how to install the top IPTV services on your Firestick, Fire Cube, Fire TV, or Android device in 2024? Look no further! My easy-to-follow instructions will help you install and enjoy the top IPTV apps available, ensuring you never miss your favourite shows, movies, or live events again.

In this video, we will be looking at how to install the top iptv apps for 2024. Even if you’re not in the supported region.

These IPtv apps can be installed on almost any streaming device like the Firestick, Fire Cube, Fire TV, Onbox, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast or Mecool. However, in this video I’ll demonstrate the installation process on a second generation via tv stick, 4k maximum. So let’s go and check out how to install the top iPTV apps for 2024.

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IPtv applications can be installed in two ways.

If the iptv service is available in your region, the simplest and most convenient way to install their application is through your App Store.

Just pick up your remote and use the search option to find and install the app.

If there’s a problem and you can’t find the IPTV app in your App Store, you can install it another way by sideloading it using downloader.

I’ll quickly show you how to install downloader onto your Firestick or other fire tv device. However, if you need to install downloader on any other device, please take a look at my previous video linked above or in the description below.

Then, once you have downloaded installed, return to this video and skip ahead to this part of the video.

From the home screen, choose the Find.

Option, then click on search.

Use your remote to start typing the worddownloader.

As you select the letters, suggestions will appear below to save you from typing the whole word, tap down and click ondownloader.

Next, select the orange Downloader app and on the next screen click the button to get or download the app.

After installing, click Open and choose allow to give downloader permission to save files to your device. This step is essential for using downloader to save files, so be sure not to skip it.

If you are using the downloader app, you will need to give permission for downloader to install apps. Go into your Firestick settings. My Fire TV developer options install unknown apps and click on downloader to turn the permission on.

If you have a newer Firestick or Fire TV where the developer options menu is hidden when you get to themy Fire TV settings, selectabout.

Next, tap the select button on your remote seven times or until you see a message at the bottom of the screen that says no need, you are already a developer.

Once that message appears, press the back button on your remote once and youll now be able to see and access the developer options menu and allow downloader to install unknown apps.

Open downloader and type in 28907, then click go.

Wait a few seconds for my downloads page to load, then press the menu button on your remote and press it again to enter full screen mode.

Press the options button again one more time and selectadd current page to favourites save my downloads page to your favourites. That way you can always access it even if you forget my code.

Next, tap down the screen to view a list of categories.

Select the live tv category.

These apps are listed in alphabetical order and feature all of the top iptv apps for 2024, so take a look at the list, select any app to find out more and install it.

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