MEDITERRANEAN FEVER, an unfailing friendship

An unlikely friendship on the shores of the Mediterranean: Waleed, 40, dreams of a career as a writer. He lives in Haifa with his wife and children and suffers from severe depression. The new neighbour, a petty criminal, brings some light into his daily life and the two men become friends. But Waleed has other intentions. The two men’s secret project turns into a journey full of dark encounters.

MEDITERRANEAN FEVER, an unfailing friendship

An unparalleled friendship

What is quite remarkable in this film is that we can see over the minutes, it is the tenfold strength that the neighbor has. He will help him in these journeys, in these not very Catholic intentions, will dive with him in these dark moments. A secret project that will be revealed to you if you watch the film of course.

This kind of friendship is quite rare these days. How far would we go for friendship? Infallible friendship to support your neighbor at all costs even if it means sometimes leaving a few feathers behind.

After this film, you will see this word « friendship » from another angle.

A passionate director
Highlighting characters from here and elsewhere between two countries at war, founding a solid friendship between two actors and above all putting a dark and humorous part in this film as touching as it is funny. “It led me to write a dramatic thriller about Waleed, a 40-year-old aspiring writer with chronic depression. Through this fictional male character, I pushed my daily opinions and thoughts to the extreme. The character of Waleed is familiar to me and I know him well. I developed a mockery of my dark side through a person who is similar and yet different from me. Passion, humor and friendship, these are the key words of this film so well directed by Maha Haj.

MEDITERRANEAN FEVER, an unfailing friendship

If you want to see a film with humor, action, friendship, all accompanied by a dark side filled with adventure, Mediterranean Fever is not to be missed under any circumstances. Before the holidays, just to have a good time with family or friends, this is the film you should see. Power of acting, good humor and more intense and less funny moments, all to make a great film that will mark you for a long time.

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