Netflix Best New Series 2022: Here are 8 of the Best Films and TV shows on Netflix UK This Week

The Raven – December 1

Luke Evans stars as a young Baltimore detective who teams up with Edgar Allan Poe when a madman begins committing murders that are inspired by his works.

2. On November 30, My Name Is Vendetta

An ex-mafia member and his daughter move to Milan in this Italian crime drama with plans to exact revenge on former allies.

3. On December 1, Stuart Little

Just in time for the holidays, the family favorite Christmas song premieres on the streamer.

4. On December 1, « The Masked Scammer »

The next captivating real crime Netflix series centers on a masked con artist who defrauded French elites of millions of dollars.

In response to their challenging start to the year, Netflix has released some of the most popular TV shows and blockbuster movies in the globe.

Due to a revived belief that Netflix is reaching its target audience and more, there is minimal likelihood that members will lose their status quo after losing subscribers for the first time in a decade at the beginning of 2022.

Here are 10 of the top true crime documentary TV programs available on Netflix UK in 2022.

The list of fantastic content is becoming more and longer as the year comes to a close.

It is reasonable to say that Netflix is still at the top of its game in the streaming industry given the release of some interesting new Netflix Originals, limited series, documentaries, and licensed content coming to the service this week.

The ten highest-rated documentaries that were released on Netflix in 2022 are the best documentaries available in the UK.

We’ve compiled a list of the top new streaming titles on the platform for the upcoming week as the evenings are growing shorter.

Here are the eight Netflix new releases that we think you should see this week.

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